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Wedding | Kodi & Lauren

Since October last year, when I first met with Kodi & Lauren, I eagerly anticipated Friday 18 Feb 2011, their wedding day. I was immediately taken aback by their stunning good looks – both of them! To add to it they have the most awesome personalities, bubbly, hilarious and kind – double win for any photographer! The theme for the wedding day was unusual.. ceremony on a Friday morning… then a weekend away on the Symphonia with a few close family and friends. My favourite part of the day was chatting to DC about Jerseylicious lol (yes I watch frivolous at times). Everybody say “Gatsby!”.


  • shannon and Gary

    What a stunning couple! absolute Beauty. One can see at a glance that Jesus is at the centre of this union.
    All the very best Kodi and Lauren…

    Gary, Shannon, Courtney and Caitlin Solomon – NZ

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