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Wedding | Pariksha & Ashok

Pariksha and Ashok were married just a few hours ago and are probably road-tripping all the way back to Josi at this very moment. I’m sure the day zoomed by for them, so here’s a few reminders of what went down today. My favourite moments: When Pari walked down the aisle, caught a glimpse of Ashok and burst into one of her infectious giggles; when Ashok saw Pari for the first time, his eyes welled up (I have proof of that!); when the priest said “will Mr & Mrs Rutthan please stand up?” aka the bridal couple, who  didn’t realise in that moment he referred to them, burst into laughter and then stood up.

Service Providers:
Venue | Exhibition Centre (Hall 2 East)
Decor & Catering | Maharaj’s Caterers
Make-up & Dressing | Sumaya Laher
Mendhi | Radha Krishna
Video | Printfrend [Lalitha]


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