Wedding | Pariksha & Ashok

Pariksha and Ashok were married just a few hours ago and are probably road-tripping all the way back to Josi at this very moment. I’m sure the day zoomed by for them, so here’s a few reminders of what went down today. My favourite moments: When Pari walked down the aisle, caught a glimpse of Ashok and burst into one of her infectious giggles; when Ashok saw Pari for the first time, his eyes welled up (I have proof of that!); when the priest said “will Mr & Mrs Rutthan please stand up?” aka the bridal couple, who  didn’t realise in that moment he referred to them, burst into laughter and then stood up.

Service Providers:
Venue | Exhibition Centre (Hall 2 East)
Decor & Catering | Maharaj’s Caterers
Make-up & Dressing | Sumaya Laher
Mendhi | Radha Krishna
Video | Printfrend [Lalitha]

10 Replies to “Wedding | Pariksha & Ashok”

  1. Absolutely Stunning!!! Something only dreams are made off, the most beautiful pictures, filled with authenticity, radiant colour, and pure happiness 🙂

  2. What a spectecular wedding and a job well done to Bodhi Vision Photography for capturing these special moments for my Brother!!! Keeran Rutthan

  3. WOW these pictures are thee best I’ve seen so far, job well done to Bodhi Vision, can’t wait to see the rest….

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