Wedding | Doran & Deola

Deola called me a few months back to check availability for August 2012. I heard from her again in October wanting to book 15 December 2011 for her wedding. I asked why the change, Deola says “why wait”. I’m so glad they didn’t wait. The intimate wedding was so special. Despite the rain (bucket loads!) we managed to find a location for the photoshoot and then went on with the day. When I first met Doran we instantly recognised each other. Turns out we were neighbours briefly back in the day when we were little rascals. Was good to meet his family again.

21 Replies to “Wedding | Doran & Deola”

      1. Wow picture perfect, you guys look awesome, i still remember how du was laughing at my pics because i had to pose lol, he had to do the same, simply stunning. You guys look awesome together.

  1. Wow! D- Squared. Beautiful pictures. Deola, you made an absolutely stunning bride! Gorgeous! I wish for you a lifetime of happiness that I see in these pictures.

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