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Hello Cochin!

Having spent 2 days in Cochin, I have to admit that I have a new appreciation for Durban. I love Durban!! Being in Cochin is interesting for sure. At times certain areas made me feel as though I was in Isipingo or Tongaat (or any other historic landmark area for Indians in SA). There are aspects of Cochin that are modern, the other majority reflects the extreme poverty, a typical trend for most 3rd world countries.

The visibility of branded billboards in India is overwhelming. No exclusivity it seems and wherever, whatever, however a billboard can be placed, it just is lol!

On the way from the airport into Cochin, one of the many massive billboards caught my eye, ‘Leave ordinary behind – SA – It’s Possible’. My first thought was hmmm not sure if that was the best ad SA marketing/advertising could have come up with. After gazing at the billboard for a few seconds lost in though, I brought my gaze down to the reality in front of me on the streets of Cochin and had to approve of the billboard, definitely intrigues by providing some sort of escapism.

I love the gimicky and colourful elements of India, the vehicles are definitely a feature.

South African electricians should come to India to hone their skills. Check out the wiring and cables on just about every street… yoh!

Kerala had Christians for as long as Christianity has been in Europe (read that somewhere). The churches do stand out, simple and beautiful.

Houseboats are the tourist attraction in Kerala. A beautiful, scenic tour on the lake allows you to sit back and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Rustic experience. The food was awesome, fresh fish, how can you go wrong.





The tour on the houseboat allows you to peek into the lives of the locals who live along the riverbed. It’s a hard life in my eyes. Being exposed from afar to a different way of living, I’m sure it would be difficult for me to adapt to their lifestyle. I take my hat off to those that toil away daily in difficult conditions to survive.

Today all shops were on shut down in Cochin, striking against a huge foreign company attempting to make strides in India. Well that’s the word on the street. Hopefully tomorrow proves to be different… Indian shopping, who can resist!


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