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Cochin to Goa

I really liked the simplicity and tradition of Cochin. A bit of a contrast to touristy Goa.

Cochin en route to the airport.


I don’t go gaga over bollywood actors (that’s not what these pics are about). Curious to know how many brands one actor endorses? Mr Khan was very popular in Cochin, appearing on every second billboard for Emmanuel’s Sari Boutique. Massively over populated billboards lol.

Some insight into the ‘stars’ endorsement deals.

It’s municipal election time in India. These guys were on their way to a party meeting. By the way, the traffic in India deserves a post on it’s own.

Arrived rather late in Goa to this beautifully cheesy resort. A bit of cheese at times ain’t such a bad thing. Stunning and relaxing resort to say the least.

Non-alcoholic guys. Nice combo of tomato and tabasco, that’s all 🙂


Yummy dosa at breakfast.

Ayurvedic pulse assessment.

The talented bangle maker at the resort who is originally from Rajastan.

Unfortunately my time in Goa is limited so all I will get to see of Goa is the fabulous resort and off course the view to-and-fro the airport (which is like travelling through Stanger, seriously).

Nonetheless today is a very special day. Can’t wait to share the story and images with you. Watch this Space…

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