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Terisha & Sheraz featured in Nubian Bride Magazine

In the current issue of Nubian Bride (Apr-Sept 2012), you’ll catch a glimpse of Terisha and Sheraz’s wedding. The hindu ceremony / glam-style reception took place on 18 December 2011 at Coastlands on the Ridge. Feature made possible by Sheraz.In summary this is what went down on the day… Photoshoot at Virginia airfield (arranged by Sheraz), windy but so cool. Back at Coastlands unpleasant clash between a waitress, a tray of juice and myself (before the wedding). In that moment terrible words flew out of my mouth (in front of the priest too!). Guava scent/stench remained with me and my cameras for the rest of the wedding. I cried (for my cameras). Wedding went on. Cameras functioned. Tamil girl married hindi guy in a hindi ceremony. Change for reception (not me, the bridal couple. I still had the guava scent/stench going for me). Tears, emotions and heartfelt speeches. Cake cutting (how gorgeous is that cake!). Awesome first dance song (love!). Dance dance dance. Click click click. Gosh I’m hopeless at summaries but you get the picture. Perhaps these visuals might help…. (got to watch the rest of the Man Red | Blue game). Laters.

Service Providers:
Venue | Coastlands on the Ridge – 031 271 8200
Decor | Lifestyle Decor – 083 684 6385
Make-up & Dressing | Shireen
Emcee | Alan Chetty – 079 939 9332
Hair | HBE – 031 402 0496
Cake | Edible Art – 078 279 3008

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