Hello, Shahalya Jayde. Welcome.

Little Miss Shahalya Jayde made her earthly entrance on 18 April 2012 in a grand yet stubborn way. I believe she kept her mum at it for ±20 hours. Hats off to you Geevashini (and moms in general who have endured childbirth – eina!).

Here are some pics just a few hours after her birth. A through-the-nursery-glass-shot. By the way, in those hospital nurseries, how do the nurses know which baby belongs where? Just saying…

5 days later I met Miss Shahalya again. She seemed quite content and undisturbed. Was good to get a little closer to her minus that not-so-clean nursery glass.

Miss Shahalya has very expressive and elaborate hand gestures for a little someone. Those hands are permanently ‘talking’.

I’m almost certain Miss Shahalya is mocking me in this pic lol.


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