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Kiren & Riona’s Hindi Wedding | Umzinto Town Hall

I quite enjoyed the journey to Umzinto, a mini roadtrip which included stopping along the side of the road to buy some Avos. Once we entered Umzinto, I tended to relish the old school vibe of this small town. What I really wanted to know was “what do people do for fun in Umzinto?”. Nonetheless I finally made my way to Riona’s parents home, which was the first time I met Riona. I have to say she is just so adorable, as well as her sisters, even Viola (I remembered:). The wedding was traditionally hindi. The photoshoot was done well after 9pm. I’ve noticed at this time of day, I get a bit silly probably from the tiredness. Let’s just say there was a trampoline involved during this shoot lol. Loved it! Kiren and Riona, thank you for being such sports.

Service Providers:
Venue | Umzinto Town Hall
Caterer & Decor | Maharaja’s Caterers and Decor
Sound | Nishen Sounds
Mendhi & Styling | Manditha Jamuna – 072  280 7440
Video | Printfrend

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  • Terricia Pather

    What a gorgeous couple!
    Colourful wedding indeed makes me feel so proud to be Hindu 🙂
    Well done Vash you always seem to pull out the stops…. Excellent Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much Love!

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