Krishen & Nicolene’s Hindi Wedding | duBoirs, Hillcrest, Durban

Gorgeousness defined! After a striking vintage-inspired E-Session with Krishen and Nicolene sometime in April, I kind of got the feeling their wedding was going to be something special. And it was.

We trekked into the heart of Hillcrest to the breathtaking duBoirs on this Comrades wedding day. duBoirs grounds are huge. During the ceremony I did a bit of my own marathon on their massive field. Totally worth it because a garden wedding for me is so very refreshing.

From the outdoor garden ceremony to the beautifully decked out reception by the talented team at Dazzling Events, everything was simply beautiful.

Nicolene has exquisite taste, noticeable in the details and specifics. Get more of her featured wedding story on the wedding blog, SouthBound Bride.

Service Providers:
Venue | duBoirs, Hillcrest
Hair & Makeup | Faeza – 084 478 6046
Mendhi | Radha Krishna Mendhi Artists – 031 262 8974
Decor |  Dazzling Events (Ansuyah Panday)
Music & Sound | Sound Factor
Video | Printfrend

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