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Ashveer & Melissa’s Hindi Wedding | MTSS, Durban

Photographing this wedding felt like a yearly visit with the Baboolall’s. Well for the 2nd year in a row anyways. Last year I had the opportunity of photographing Ashveer’s brother, Shahil’s wedding. It was really good seeing them again as well as getting acquainted with a new family, the Nair’s. It seems the Baboolall men do know how to pick beautiful women. Have a look….

How did you meet?
Ash and I meet at a work function. We  both worked for the same company but never really knew or spoke to each other. Fate played a role by seating us next to each other.

How did Ash propose?
Being the romantic Ash is, he booked us at Granny Mouse in the midlands for a weekend.  Totally surprised me as I did not know where we were going and not knowing what he was planning to do/ASK. after a very romantic dinner we both went back to our room and Ash started a fire( as it was very, very cold). He then decides to take out a bag of marshmallows and starts to roast them while we both warming up in front of the fire place. after burning the first batch , Ash then asks me to pass him more marshmallows and that’s when I saw the ring box in the marshmallow packet. That’s when everything hit me, I realized what was happening. At that point Ash asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I screamed “YES” and he placed the ring on my finger. It was so romantic and I was over the moon. I don’t even remember tasting the marshmallows.

How did you go about selecting your service providers and what did you base your decision on?
I attended a lot of the bridal fairs and read a lot of bridal magazines. I made my decision once I chattered and met with the service providers.

Being of Tamil heritage, did you face any challenges when preparing for your Hindi wedding?
Not at all as I had the support of my family and Ash’s family to guide me through. It was smooth sailing.

What was the highlight of your wedding day?
Walking down the aisle and my first glance at Ash looking like an Indian king/rajah in his wedding wear smiling at me…that took my breath away. Also seeing all my family all dressed up,happy,smiling and in the wedding spirit made our day even more special.

What advise do you have for would-be brides?
That’s easy, just enjoy every second of every moment on your special day.

Service Providers:
Venue | MTSS, Merebank
Hair & Makeup | Vanity Box
Co-ordination | Sound Factor
Video | Bridal-tech (Adhir)


  • Veru

    Absolutely stunning photos, a gorgeous bride, handsome groom and a beautiful wedding . Wish you guys many happy years together!!!
    Veru 🙂

  • Tessa Somiah

    Wow Absolutely Stunning!!!! I am so sad i missed this wedding! Happiness forever and a day.
    Tessa (Mel’s Cuz from R Bay)

  • Natalie

    Was such a proud moment to witness this wedding, this was the most spectacular and a wedding with a difference. Mel and Ash you have really made a classy and stunning couple. You both really look gorgeous in every picture. We love you very much and wish your’ll many many years of happiness. Natz n Thian 🙂

  • Navina Gurie

    Wow is not even the word to discribe this couple. Congrats Mel & Ash. Wishing your’ll years of happiness & love. Lotsa Loves Navina & Family

  • Cassie Naidoo

    Melissa and Ash ,you guys are beautiful inside and out.Mel ,when you walked down that aislelooking absolutely radiant , i had tears.All the best to you both.Lots of love Brian,Cassie and ‘

  • Shakilla jairam

    Congrats Ash & Mel. Ethna Pyari Rani Aur Rajah. Bahoth kubsurath. All the best for the rest of your lives

  • priya

    hi you guys look like match made in heaven, brides outfit is just to beatiful. if you dont mind me asking where did you buy it from would like to get something just like that for my wedding

    thanks priya

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