Jesse & Trish’s Tamil Wedding & Reception | Umgeni Road, Toti Hall, Durban

Finally, one of this blog’s most avid supporter gets featured! Trish is nothing short of vivacious with personality galore. It was a joy to shoot her wedding to Jesse on a Wednesday followed by a reception at Toti Hall a few days later. The venue was transformed into a spectacular sight thanks to Events by Design.


What is your most special memory of your wedding /  reception?
And the winner is……. “Our  first official dance” – Yes, we are that crazy couple who never attended dance lessons. So we bravely graced the dance floor with 4 x left feet!

Why did you opt to have your ceremony and reception on 2  separate days?
It never seizes to amaze me  why we feel bored during traditional weddings so we felt it was ideal to  have a traditional wedding ceremony on the Wednesday which was so  intimate with our family and friends closest to us in support of team  Jesse and Trish and in a blink of an eye the rings were on and we  were good to go.

What was the hardest part of the planning process?
The most difficult part of the planning process for me was the fact that i am a little stress-pot. Advice  for future brides:- Do your research attend bridal fairs, match up colour trends and never settle for anything less! Once you confirm your service  providers “trust them to do what they do best”!

Did  you experience any unexpected turns during the wedding / reception and how  did you handle it?
What would a  wedding/reception be without a few obstacles and hiccups? 🙂 Obstacle No.  1 – Mother nature and her fierce RAIN! However alls well and ended well I  soon learn’t that unfortunately we can not control everything that life  throws our way but we can control the way we face it- just take the set  backs in your stride and fight it with a gracious smile and wave!!!

Any advice for brides-to-be?
Remember that you and the only people who are aware of the set backs- your guests think it is all part of  the programe. Besides your family and friends are there to support you on  the biggest day of your lives… I believe in planning and i was 100%  involved… Your personal style and influences are visible and  instrumental in the outcome the last thing any bride would want is to pitch up on her big day as a guest, so enjoy every moment of the planning  process afterall we only get married once right?

Looking back, is there  anything you would have done differently?
Would not change it for the  world! It was undoubted the best day of the rest of our lives together  …”Lets all just get happiness wasted”.

Service Providers:
Wedding Venue | Umgeni Road Temple
Reception Venue | Amanzimtoti Hall
Hair & Makeup | Hair Sensation – Shirley Naidoo
Decor | Events by Design
Video | Printfrend
Sound & Music | The Sound Factor
DJ“Ryan The Deejay” – email:
Rings | Bruno Pather / 0780955960

20 Replies to “Jesse & Trish’s Tamil Wedding & Reception | Umgeni Road, Toti Hall, Durban”

  1. What a breath taking feature you captured the essence of our LOVE!!!
    These moments will be forever in our hearts 🙂

    All our Love,

    Jesse & Trish

  2. Evidently these images capture the essence of the new Mrs. Jesse! She simply screams perosnality and is anything but cliche.

    An impressive shoot which the couple will most definitely cherish.

  3. Trish you looked stunning. You guys are made for each other. Oh sooooooooo impressive its the first I have seen a wedding and the couple looking soooo awesome.
    God Bless you!!!!!

  4. True beauty!! Trish and Jesse you both looked absolutely amazing, A wedding reception well done. I would not of expected anything less from you guys.… Compliments to the photographer for bringing out both your personalities in its truest form… I love you guys and I wish you all of the Happiness in this world. Love Aadila and Ismail. J

  5. Completly expected the pics to be nothing short of awesome! A combination of a very inspiring crazy bride…Trish and my very talented friend…Vash. Trish your exhuberant personality and the love u n Jesse share is perfectly captured! Best wishes and keep smiling, keep shining! KAVESH AND CHANTAL MANICK

  6. Wow totally awesome pics. This certainly was one of the most amazing weddings we have ever been to. You guys made us proud. And what a beautiful couple….just stunning. Thank you for making each other so happy and may you continue to remain this way for the rest of your lives together. Photographer you did a sterling job.

  7. Whilst these pictures are awsemome, the two of you make a great couple together. My wish for you is that your fairy tale never ends. Lots of love, Seelan & Serenity Insurance Brokers.

  8. You both look great together… Matches are made in heaven and you definitely seem to have found heaven in each other!!…May god bless you with all the love, care and happiness for the years to come… Congratulations on your special day Trish & Jesse…Best wishes from all of us in Kuwait.

  9. OMW Terricia, your wedding pictures are absolutely stunning. You were as breathtaking as I imagined. Even as I am typing this I am getting goose bump down by body.

    I truly hope you and hubby have many happy years together filled with love and hope.

  10. U made a stunning bride terricia.Wishing you everything of the best and a blissful married life.May the good lord shower his richest blessings upon you guys

    1. Gooday Anne

      Firstly Thank you for the wonderful comment we appreciate your kind heart 🙂
      The no. for Busisiwe( Sizakala customer centre -toti hall bookings) – 031- 31111111/ 031- 3115835 (All the best!)

      Take care.

      Terricia Moodley

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