Theo & Komal’s Tamil Wedding | Umgeni Road Temple, Durban

Bodhi Vision Komal_1297The previous post was a more relaxed beach vibe for Theo, Komal (+ Jack). Here you get to see them all decked out in their wedding finery (- Jack). I particularly liked the colour Komal picked for her saree, really pops beautifully in photos.

Bodhi Vision Komal_0521 Bodhi Vision Komal_0524 Bodhi Vision Komal_0548Bodhi Vision Komal_0554 Bodhi Vision Komal_0576Bodhi Vision Komal_0599 Bodhi Vision Komal_0609Bodhi Vision Komal_0647Bodhi Vision Komal_0732Bodhi Vision Komal_0666Bodhi Vision Komal_1331Bodhi Vision Komal_0778 Bodhi Vision Komal_0782 Bodhi Vision Komal_0786 Bodhi Vision Komal_0865Bodhi Vision Komal_0927Bodhi Vision Komal_0918Bodhi Vision Komal_1390 Bodhi Vision Komal_1403 Bodhi Vision Komal_1425

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