Duo Portraits | Griffith & Karena {The Freedom to Fly}

There is freedom in flying and dancing with the clouds…                                                                        BodhiVision_4516_bwThere is freedom in being a witness to grace and beauty…
There is freedom in seeing you smile…
There is freedom in a warm embrace…
There is freedom in taking you under my wings…
There is freedom in compromise…
There is freedom in a passionate gaze…
There is freedom in being unconstrained by our fears…
There is freedom in trusting and letting go…
There is freedom is being enraptured…
There is freedom in solitude and regrouping…
There is freedom in soaring to new heights, together.

Assistant | Shreenu Khamal

7 Replies to “Duo Portraits | Griffith & Karena {The Freedom to Fly}”

  1. Karena the photos are awesome- Both your personalitys have come through in the photos what an excellent idea as the theme for the photographs . May you have many life long memories together as you fly into your future together.

  2. Hi Dear Children , this is stunning !!! . Real Models can`t come this close to u guys.
    Congrats to the Bodhi on the excellent job. God Bless MD

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