Women of Worth {W.O.W} | Shreenu

Bodhi Vision Photography, Shreenu, Woman of Worth

Most of my clients know my ‘little hobbit’ cousin Shreenu well. When she isn’t hidden behind the lightbox, she serves as a set director, perspective changer and overall best assistant. Shreenu started assisting me in 2009 as a part-time job between campus and general life. I was really lucky to have her at shoots with me because over time she’s managed to understand my temperament and what is required to get the shoot flowing smoothly.

In celebration of Women’s Month, I have been featuring a few of the many important women in my life. Shreenu is definitely one of them. She’s growing into a fine lady who is headstrong with strong opinions. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at her comments. At other times I sit back and revel in her wisdom. I guess she gets a bit of that headstrong traits from our grandfather (my Nana) especially considering they share the same birthday. Happy birthday Shreenu and Nana 🙂


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