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Shanil & Prelene’s Hindi Wedding | DLI Hall, Durban

These guys were one of the most jovial couples I’ve worked with and it shows in the end product. Some of their responses to the questions below made me laugh out loud! Check it out for yourself. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, Shanil & Prelene. Thank you for picking me 🙂 
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How did you meet?
So we first laid eyes on each other, while in separate hot air balloons that crossed paths over Victoria Falls……it was love at first sight………NOT Really! We met in a club on shanil”s birthday, but we tell everyone the first version *wink wink*.  But the love at first sight part is true and obviously Shanil ticked all the right boxes that night.

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What is your most special memory of your wedding?
Shanil : Besides getting to watch Prelene walk down the isle, looking like the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen, including Bollywood movies, the other special moment was getting to touch dada’s feet and take his blessing as husband and wife because we knew how happy it made him.
Prelene : I guess for me everything about the wedding was special, especially having the people that we love smiling at us from the crowd.  The one special moment that stands out the most was when Shanil put my sindoor on, most amazing feeling ever!!!!!!

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What was the hardest part of  the planning process?
Dealing with our parents stress throughout the planning process.  And for me dealing with Shanil’s moaning for not being able to bring his white horse to the wedding.
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What was the shopping process like and were did you shop?
Shanil : I went to another country to do my shopping……..Verulum (Mr Executive).  So technically it was from India.  I bought my sword from Toys R Us from the pirates of the Caribbean section.
Prelene: Ok so mine was more like an “excuse” for a holiday.  Mum and I went to Mumbai for 8 Days. Both my mendhi and hurdee oufits were designer wear from Seasons. My wedding outfit was designed especially for me and was an exact fit at the time, so obviously I starved myself till the wedding day:)  We also managed to buy all of the souvenirs and centre pieces too.   Enjoyed every moment there, having my mum there was a huge help.  So ladies if you ever need a fashion designer my mum is available.

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Did you experience any unexpected turns during the wedding and how did you handle it?
A week before the wedding, when meeting the service providers, the race course across DLI was resurfacing the ground and as a result the made the whole area smell off horse dung so our solution to the problem was to give each person a complimentary argarbathie (Incense stick) upon entrance of hall.  Just Kidding again, there was no unexpected turns.  The only turns that happened were on the dance floors at the nights before.

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Any advice for brides-to-be?
Take some time to just pause and look around you, because there’s just so much of joy and happiness on peoples faces.  And if you don’t do this time will just pass you by.  I know it’s said before but the time flies so savour every moment. Remember you wedding only happens once to you dream husband:)

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Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?
Shanil : I probably would have went to the toilet before the wedding started.
Prelene: Honestly there was nothing that I would have changed.  My dream wedding came true.

Service Providers:
Venue | DLI Hall 031 3094238
Sound and Décor | Golden Events  0837843344
Video | Ismail  0314095774
Catering | Indian Delights 0315776405
Hair and make up | Bridal Dreams (Shireen) 0715916817
Garlands | Bridal Dreams (Shireen) 0715916817
Mendhi: | Esha(Shallcross) 0314093282

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