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Damien & Verusha’s Tamil Wedding | Amanzimtoti Hall, Durban

Simply love this bright cerise on Verusha! Here are a few images from her special day to Damien. 
Bodhi Vision Photography_0022

Bodhi Vision Photography_0023How did you meet?
The ironic part about our story is that a long time ago our families were community friends and knew each other for years, but when we met , we didn’t know this. Both formally from Durban, after relocating to Johannesburg , we met as strangers and later realized that our granddads were best friends growing up.

Bodhi Vision Photography_0024

Bodhi Vision Photography_0025What is your most special memory of your wedding?
Verusha: Our first dance 🙂
Damien: Definitely the first dance especially the ‘dip’ … had to weigh the outfit first to make sure I have the strength.Bodhi Vision Photography_0026

Bodhi Vision Photography_0027

Bodhi Vision Photography_0028

Bodhi Vision Photography_0029
What was the hardest part of the planning process?
Coordinating a wedding taking place in Durban, from Johannesburg. We’ve heard this from many bridal couples, and it’s true, it is a difficult process. Communication is key in this situation. We had amazing service providers who worked brilliantly with us, which made this a little easier. Lots of travelling to Durban, and many meetings later, we had an unforgettable wedding.
Bodhi Vision Photography_0030Bodhi Vision Photography_0032 Bodhi Vision Photography_0033 Bodhi Vision Photography_0034What was the shopping process like and where did you shop?
Johannesburg is very limited with Eastern Bridal wear. Most of our shopping was done in Durban. The Rosewood Bridal Boutique is excellent. We did some shopping in India as well which gave us a greater variety.Bodhi Vision Photography_0035 Bodhi Vision Photography_0036 Bodhi Vision Photography_0037Did  you experience any unexpected turns during the wedding process and how  did you handle it?
The venue gave us some difficulties with approval for pyrotechnics. We went through a very lengthy process and through many channels to get approval for this. But because we had an excellent pyrotechnician, who assisted us and worked with the venue along the way, we eventually did receive the approval.Bodhi Vision Photography_0038 Bodhi Vision Photography_0039 Bodhi Vision Photography_0040 Bodhi Vision Photography_0041 Bodhi Vision Photography_0042Any advice for brides-to-be?
Stay calm! The advice I received from many brides, and what I will say to many more, is that no matter how much of planning goes into your wedding, some things on the day will go wrong and will not be exactly how you wanted it. Prepare for this, and prepare to let what is, be. Just smile and enjoy your day, things still always works out at the end.Bodhi Vision Photography_0043 Bodhi Vision Photography_0044Bodhi Vision Photography_0046Bodhi Vision Photography_0048Bodhi Vision Photography_0047Bodhi Vision Photography_0049

Bodhi Vision Photography_0051Looking back, is there  anything you would have done differently?
Nothing at all J We planned everything exactly how we wanted it and we received excellent results! 

Bodhi Vision Photography_0050Bodhi Vision Photography_0045
Service Providers:
Venue | Amanzimtoti Hall
Sound | Freemind Sound – 083 305 5114
Video | Camtech – 031 209 8582
Catering & Decor | Sameers Caterers – 083 786 4873
Pyrotechnics | Dane – Fireworks King – 083 409 0720
Nargaswaram | David Nagiah – 031 400 4917
MC | Varshan Sookun


  • Trusha & Morgan r

    A unique and simply stunning wedding,am still so taken away!!!! Your photos have captured the beauty that u both have from within!!! Much love and blessings for the future:-) Trusha & Morgan Reddy

  • Verusha

    Thank you Vash for doing a remarkable job! What amazing photography! Your photos are REAL and natural, thats what I love the most, you have captured our special day including all of the emotion and joy in each photo! I love the simplicity yet depth in your photography! Well done , and all the luck and blessings for the future! You’re always our number 1! 🙂 Love, Damien and Verusha


    yourll looked amazingly stunning…yourll put a whole new meaning to fairytale weddings!!!! #PICTUREPERFECTCOUPLE

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