Photo Tip #1

As schools close during these times of the coronavirus, we’ve been advised to stay indoors, self-quarantine to aid in flattening the curve of this global pandemic.

Many parents are wondering what to do with their little humans. Come back here daily to view the photo tip of the day. Some to assist you in organising your digital photo chaos. Some just for the joy of it.

Today’s tip is a rather simple, nostalgic experience. An experience my little ones thoroughly enjoy and can spend many many many minutes (not yet hours) browsing the catalogue of their generational history. It’s such a trip for their 3 and 5 year old brains to wrap around the fact that mum and dad were little, like them. The questions they ask is good for me too, as it jogs my memory to that moment in time or a particular person from my past. The emotions and feelings conjured are what life is about. It is also a great tactile experience for the kiddies.

So go ahead and whip out your old family albums. Enjoy the experience.

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