Photo Tip #3 | Plan a Photo Party

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That’s correct, PLAN a photo party. Considering we are all in isolation, nothing stops us from planning, right?

6 Reasons to host a photo party:

  1. You’ve been through old albums and discovered you have duplicates or have photos that don’t really mean much to you. They might mean the world to another friend or family member.
  2. Others might have photos you didn’t even know existed and really want.
  3. Don’t feel bad to purge. If you do, take a photo of the photo and store it digitally.
  4. You clear the clutter.
  5. You’re creating new moments which you can capture.
  6. Who doesn’t love a party!

Due to being quarantined, we are realising the importance of human connection, the value of a relationship and the value of a memory in the form of a photograph (printed or digital).

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