Photo Tip #4 | Album Deconstruction

I get it. You want less clutter. You need to purge. You’re holding onto those old albums because of heritage. In actual fact, most of those photos don’t really mean much to you. A roadtrip in the 80’s with a pitstop along the freeway so that your parents could take a photo of the view (just landscape) with their film camera, doesn’t mean much to you. Purge. Those wrestling match photos, again from the 80’s. Purge. There are many other photos in the album like these. Purge.

Once you do the inner work and come to a resolve about striping the album apart (I have to state the harsh facts, it’s in my makeup), you would already feel a weight lifted.

Are you ready for the deconstruction process? Here are a few pointers.

Step 1: Baby Steps

You might be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task. Pick one album. Turn up the music (preferably from the decade of the photo album of choice) Shift your mindset. Enjoy the experience.

Step 2: Take a Photo or Scan

As you browse through the album, specific photos will grab your attention. Snap that.

Step 3: Scanning Options

There are numerous amazing scanning Apps such as Photomyne or Google PhotoScan.

A flatbed scanner will give you the best quality. Should you require assistance with scanning, drop us an email.

Step 4: Removing Photos

It really does work! Try using dental floss to remove photos from Sticky Albums.

Stack photos according to chronological order or pick a general timeframe if uncertain. Easier to distribute at the photo party (see tip 3).

In summary

Some albums you will keep as is. That’s okay. Remember Tip 1 & 2 in this regard.

In the days ahead we’ll discuss an approach with those scanned photos.

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