Photo Tip #5 | Social Presence for Gran

Previous photo tips here were mainly focused on albums which in turn got us to realise the importance of heritage albums. There was also brief mention of transferring certain images to digital. We’ll get into storage of digital files at a later stage.

Instagram or Facebook

For photo tip #5 how about considering creating a profile for your grandmother, or grandfather (or other special human in your life)? My granny (Ma) passed on in 2017. A short while after, I created a ‘private’ Instagram page describing it as her ‘life remembered in little squares’


  1. The main purpose for me was to create a space (quick and easy reference) to remember her life.
  2. To share memories and commentary with family.
  3. Keep it private. You can create the account just for yourself or to share with family.


I don’t have the best memory. Seeing pictures on Instagram of my granny through the ages highlights how amazing technology is if used smartly. Simply scrolling up and down, I have a snapshot of her life in seconds.

If you are on Instagram, you have an allocation of 5 accounts, which is easy peasy to switch between. Give it a try.


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