Photo Tip #6 | Toy Photoshoot

Images courtesy of my 5 year old and 3 year old. Delightful! I left the styling and alles to them. My only concern was having them hold my phone long enough to take the picture and not throw it (3 year old antics).

Got this idea from the ‘Big Life Journal – Indoor Activities’ pdf that has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

This was a fun little to do. My daughter was excited to dress up her doll and find the ‘perfect’ space for a shoot.

My boy was happy to play in the sand and feed some to his dinosaur. He also fed it some leaves.

It was interesting listening to their thought process behind their ‘creation’. Also noticed how easily the move on from something and not labour on about the ‘perfect shot’. All about the experience for them.

Skills Development

  1. Observation – photography allows children to develop an awareness of their subject matter and surroundings.
  2. Connection – with their environment.
  3. Responsibility – for their tool (camera).
  4. Expression – freedom of creative expression.
  5. Insight – use their inner sight (gut or intution) as a tool to trust their sight (what they see).
  6. Adaptability – photography environments don’t come standard. You adjust your skill to the setting you’re in.

and so much more…..

Lesson for Mum

Lesson 1: Give them an old (really old) phone to practice with so as to avoid being hover mum.

Lesson 2: Creativity should be harnessed from an early age, through play. Less management (I’m working on this aspect).

I’d love to see the images your children conjur up. Tag me on social media #bodhivisionphototip.



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