A Sprinkle of Editing Magic Dust Please. Thank you.

There’s a lot going on in the world. We have a confirmed extended lockdown period till the end of April. There are many theories around this pandemic which can drive you batty. Some feel helpless and want to be of service in some way. Others bemoan the privilege of being confined to their homes, a sanctuary. Kids are missing out on school. Companies have had to be innovative in their approach to continue with work and staff and and and… Cue deep breathe.

We obviously will not be able to operate ‘normally’ in the world for a little bit so let’s take baby steps together. Let’s shift our mindset. Recalibrate. Let us choose faith over fear. Ego’s aside.

Instead, create a little bit of magic wherever you may be for whomever you are with and raise the vibration within yourself, within your home… who knows where that light energy may travel. Maybe the world.

Thank you for allowing me that kumbaya moment.

How has solitude been treating you? I was inspired to create some magic with it being Easter and all. In the process I felt a part of me that had been trapped, find release. Maybe it was stuck creative energy. But I’m pretty sure my family think I am a little bit nicer to be around.

I’ve been turning photos into little works of Easter art. One little girl said “I look like a storybook”. Ah my heart!

Have a looksie…

Most images taken by mum or dad using their phones.

Some where virtual photoshoots (ahh technology). This is a worldwide phenomenon presently due to the lockdown with photographers having to find creative ways to service their clients. I stumbled upon this last week by a photographer named Kareem in the States.

Here’s the article:

If you are keen to transform an image, drop me a message, let’s create magic!


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