Bodhi Vision Photography | Defined

bodhi [bow-dee] |n| supreme knowledge and enlightenment attained by Guatama Buddha
vision [vizh-uhn] |n| the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom
photography [pho-tog-ra-phy] |n| the art, practice or occupation of producing images on photosensitive surfaces

About Me

Hi. I’m Vashnie. A Durban based special events photographer with a passion for capturing emotions, beauty, love and the whimsical wonders of life.

Everyone has their own way of cooking breyani. Some like to add extra spice, others prefer to cut back. Each think theirs is the best way. Ultimately it’s about taste and satisfaction.

It’s the same with photography, there is no right or wrong. My preference however is to keep it simple, natural and as real as possible.