Based in Durban, South Africa. I love my job. I really do. I enjoy being a business owner and a photographer. My passion for photography was born out of a desire to create beauty and tell a story. I enjoy being a visual storyteller.
How it all started… I picked up my first digital camera in 2005. At the time it was a Nikon D90, then a D300. My dad had ventured into photography. The technology had intrigued me. We worked together on many events.
In 2010 I decided to carve my own little space in the market which was when Bodhi Vision Photography was born. The Nikon D700 was my tool of choice which captured many special people I had the privilege of encountering. External light source blew my mind in 2011 which was when I added the Profoto kit to my arsenal of tools. The quality of the images blew my mind making colours pop beautifully.
My creative side was in total bliss capturing many special moments, meeting the most fascinating people and along the way making many friends, some a decade long friendship. My preferred style of photography is candid. Poses are required every now and again but it’s those moments between the poses that make my heart sing. Those care-free, unrehearsed, playful, get wet in the rain on your wedding day, feet in the mud kind of moments.

I love the meaning of a photograph, the emotions tied to it, the nostalgia it creates. The way an image connects us to others, some who may have passed. How it connects us to ourselves, the person we once were. The possibility of connecting us with future generations through shared stories accompanied by treasured photos. Photos have the ability of making a moment or our memory of it real. That for me is so powerful. Having always been a student of the arts, the business has diversified to incorporate other creative aspects.
I have to pay homage to my parents. My dad for inspiring me to create a business. For his ability to make something out of nothing. He never had much growing up. Didn’t finish school. Didn’t have a dad to guide him but he is an entrepreneur. My mum for believing in my creative ability when I was a little girl. For sending me to art classes (in the 90’s guys). For always being my number 1 supporter in all things creative, even when I didn’t believe a career in the arts was a possibility (again, in the 90s).. Seems what is destined for you has a way of finding its way to you.
Personal Life… It’s hard to separate my love for business from my personal life as creativity and inspiration are inextricably interwoven into home and family. My two nuggets of inspiration on the daily are my preschool aged kids. Our lives are all about play, art and creative learning.

So here it is, welcome to my creative world. If you are planning a wedding, feel free to browse the gallery or blog to view previous works of joy. If you’re here in need of traditional, eastern inspired stationery, decor items or gifts, head on over to the shop.