Morning Vash!

Firstly, you really have amazing skill. The pics are stunning, you made me look great!! And you were able to capture so many special moments, all the emotions… I was very impressed. I was also happy that I did manage a few smiles that you caught!!

The big family pic, everyone is going on about how amazing that was and so unusual at a wedding, so I really want to thank you for that idea… it came out beautifully. Especially after everything that happened with our losses. It made such a big impact.

Nadia & Lionel

[married 27.04.11]

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Hi Vashnie

It was wonderful working with you and having you as our photographer. I’m happy that Trisha and I decided to go with you.

You were very patient, professional, accommodating and the quality of your pictures were excellent. Most of all…. You were punctual.

I think that with photography there is only that much planning you can do, you have to be spontaneous and have a keen eye to capture those special moments between the couple using the environment and setting to the best of one’s ability and I think that you pulled it off.

I would definitely recommend you to somebody that requires a good photographer. Trisha and I would like to thank you for capturing our special moments.

Ashish and Trisha

[married 19.12.10]

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Our wedding day was absolutely a dream come true, and working with Vashnie our talented photographer was the cherry on top. She made our day even more special, always so polite and cheerful with her bubbly personality. She was so willing to do anything to capture the most perfect pictures, even standing in water! Vashnie captured the beauty of our wedding with her photos and have given us memories that will last us a  lifetime.

Thanx a mil Vash for making our wedding day so special.

Darrel & Claudia

[married 04.12.10]

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Hi Vashnie

We were absolutely amazed, (more like blown away, gob smacked, and in total awe) when we saw our wedding pics for the first time. They were captured perfectly and beautifully reveal our love story. A priceless album forever.

You and your team, ensured that the rain did not dampen our spirits, with an exciting and fun filled photo shoot after the wedding. You were the key element in making our day more special than we ever imagined.

Your work screams out professionalism, dedication, and creativity, and we received a service par excellence. Ruben and I are extremely satisfied and overjoyed with the pictures, and are advising all our friends to get you to do their pictures.

Big thanks and best wishes to you and her team.

Warm regards
Lettesha & Ruben

[married 27.06.10]

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Dear Vash

A picture is worth a thousand words…. And thou my words are few … I will try  and explain how grateful I am to you, I am amazed every time I  look at my wedding album.

My biggest fear as a bride was that I would not be beautiful on my big day but somehow you managed to capture, every moment. In my pictures I saw the scared little girl (leaving home) the determined young lady and finally my husband’s  wife.

It not often that you look at pictures and are taken back to that moment your life changed for the better. The wedding day itself went by in seconds, you and your skill has helped me remember how magnificent this day was and how much our families have accomplished. You have allowed us have the perfect pictures to our perfect day and for that we thank you

Thank you seems not a big enough word but that’s all we have….

Love and Kindness
Reshmi and Sachin Bhala

[married 16.05.10]

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Hi Vashnie,

On behalf of the Manick family, I would like to thank you for a sterling job done with my sisters Mehendi & Hurdee photography.  Your patience and professionalism was outstanding, and although we were not really on time and our festivities went on to the early hours of the morning you were there without complaint which is extremely rare for colleagues in your field.  We were pleasantly surprised that the photo album reached us three weeks after the wedding without us having to bother about selecting pics etc etc.  All the pics were just perfect.  You had captured the moments which we will treasure forever, by just looking at the album, the joy, and celebration comes flooding to our minds.

Our only regret for my sisters wedding was that we did not contract you for the wedding day itself!

You are very talented and your endearing nature will hold you in good stead throughout your career.  We will continue to use your services so please avail yourself for my wedding whenever it is.  At least I know that photography is something I don’t have to worry about!


[function 05.03.10]

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